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65-990-30 CAST WEDGE - CASTWEDGE 30mm (pack of 20) $70.40 inc
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65-990-25 CAST WEDGE - CASTWEDGE 25mm (pack of 20) $70.40 inc
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65-990-SS CAST WEDGE - CASTWEDGE SAMPLE PACK (5 sizes x 1 = 5) $70.40 inc Read more
65-990-20 CAST WEDGE - CASTWEDGE 20mm (pack of 20) $70.40 inc
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65-990-15 CAST WEDGE - CASTWEDGE 15mm (pack of 20) $70.40 inc
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65-990-10 CAST WEDGE - CASTWEDGE 10mm (pack of 20) $70.40 inc
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Aids in Realignment and Accommodates Swelling. For realignment, CastWedge allows for exact adjustments to casted fractures without the inconvenience of replacing the original cast. When used after an initial injury or surgery, CastWedge permits uni- or bi-valving the cast preventing extreme discomfort to the patient. The CastWedge will maintain a precise opening in the cast. CastWedge is lightweight, inexpensive and can be used with plaster or fiberglass casts. It is made of high-impact, non-porous, radiolucent material that will not interfere with X-rays, There are five CastWedge sizes: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm. Available in a starter set of 20 wedges each of five sizes; replacement packages of each individual size are sold separately.


10mm (Pack of 20)
15mm (Pack of 20)
20mm (Pack of 20)
25mm (Pack of 20)
30mm (Pack of 20)

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CASTWEDGE 10mm (pack of 20), CASTWEDGE 15mm (pack of 20), CASTWEDGE 20mm (pack of 20), CASTWEDGE 25mm (pack of 20), CASTWEDGE 30mm (pack of 20), CASTWEDGE SAMPLE PACK (5 sizes x 1 = 5)