NEMOA EVER FRESH 1" (2.5cm x 10m)

Nemoa Ever Fresh is a great water drainable cast padding to protect the skin maceration, itching and odors during casting period. It can be dried easily and using normal electric fan makes faster drying. The excellent air permeability maximizes the evaporation of sweat and moisture, allowing shower or bath during casting period. No need stockinette and cotton bandages for casting tape treatment. The elasticity of the 3 way stretch knitted tubular weave allows it to stretch and conform without constriction and well fit to body contours. Nylon mono filament repels water while retaining its loft properties. It provides excellent drainage and ventilation to reduce odors, itching and skin maceration.
2" (5.0cm x 10m)
3" (7.5cm x 10m)
4" (10.0cm x 10m)
5" (12.5cm x 10m)
Product Code Product Name Price Add
55-NER-110 NEMOA EVER FRESH 1" (2.5cm x 10m) $71.00
55-NER-210 NEMOA EVER FRESH 2" (5.0cm x 10m) $84.00
55-NER-310 NEMOA EVER FRESH 3" (7.5cm x 10m) $97.00
55-NER-410 NEMOA EVER FRESH 4" (10.0cm x 10m) $114.00
55-NER-510 NEMOA EVER FRESH 5" (12.5cm x 10m) $127.00
55-NER-610 NEMOA EVER FRESH 6" (15.0cm x 10m) $141.00