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59-622 GEM TITANIUM RING CUTTER - GEM TITANIUM (electric powered unit) $1,197.90 inc
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GEM is not a modified power tool; rather, it’s a device that has been designed specifically to cut rings quickly and safely. The abrasive quality of the GEM discs, not high speed, high power or sharpness, is responsible for cutting. Rings are made from any number of metals and alloys; some are considered soft metals, such as the purer forms of gold and silver and some metals are classified as hard, such as titanium, steel and platinum. GEM uses a disc made from carbide (blue color-coded 224) to cut rings made of soft metals and a diamond-coated (red color coded disc 223) to cut hard metals. It is not possible for one disc to cut both types of metals. If you use a diamond-coated disc on a soft metal the powder created by cutting will pack around the diamond coating and will quickly render the disc useless. If you use a carbide disc on hard metals it will chip or even shatter the disc. Pack includes the ring cutter plus discs 223 x 2, discs 224 x 2, screwdriver,finger guard,AA bateries x 4,CD, operators manual,material cutting chart & practice rings.


1 DIAMOND CUTTING DISK - For Hard Metal Like Steel
3 SILICONE CARBIDE DISKS - For Soft Metals Like Gold and Silver
FINGER GUARD - 1 x Finger Guard
DISK REPLACEMENT TOOL - 1 x Disk Replacement Tool
HARD PLASTIC CARRY CASE - 1 x Hard Plastic Carry Case

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GEM TITANIUM (electric powered unit)