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Orthocare Pty Ltd is a medical products distribution company that is proudly Australian owned and has been operating in Australia since 1976 and New Zealand since 1977

Orthocare is committed to continually provide competitive quality products to our customers, while catering to their ever changing needs in the health care environment.

Our Products

Orthocare offers a wide spectrum of Orthopaedic products to the Health Care Professional and patients

  • Preventative and Functional product options
  • Pre-operative products
  • Operative, post operative & injury treatment products
  • Post-operative pain management
  • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy products
  • Occupational Therapy & Hand Therapy equipment and goods

Featured Products

Freestyle OA Knee Brace (Breg)

Breg is excited to announce the latest addition to the osteoarthritis product offering. The Freestyle OA provides offloading of the medial

Slingshot 3 (Breg)

The SlingShot® 3 is a clinician driven innovation in shoulder bracing. Its design provides superior comfort for the patient recovering from

Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace (Breg)

The Ultra Zoom Ankle is the most advanced brace on the market. Made from revolutionary Performathane soft shell technology, the Ultra

LPR (Breg)

Breg makes another bold statement as a leader in innovative excellence - with the LPR ligament knee brace. Crafted of high

NEW T Scope Premier by BREG

The T Scope Premier builds on the telescoping design of the original T Scope which medical

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Advanced Infusion

Advanced Infusion Advanced Infusion pumps provide a safe, continuous delivery of anesthetics to multiple surgical sites to

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BOA Lite Back Brace (Breg)

The BOA Lite is lightweight, comfortable corset that provides mild lumbosacral support from L1-L5. It combines

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